A Vintage Orrie Hitt Woman


A vintage wayward girl from shabby town, sleeping in a twin bed. a true frustrated female caught in a suburban trap in a summer romance;  a warped woman, a man’s nurse and a bad wife who was on the hot prowl for a peeping tom in the naked flesh going from door to door,who would tell them anything, even, “I prowl at night,” for her unnatural urge.

Some called her Abnormal Norma, others called her a carnival honey or a campus tramp, and still others said, “I’ll call every Monday” when she was really a torrid wench, a trailer tramp with panda bear passions.

2 Responses to “A Vintage Orrie Hitt Woman”

  1. J. Wellington Thorpe Says:

    Nice creative use of Hitt book titles to describe and define a portrait “the Hitt woman”.

    Dang, you review these things so quickly and consistently I can’t keep the pace with my comments. How long does it take you to read an Orrie novel? And are you a (to use a term I haven’t heard in about a decade) “speed reader”?


  2. orriehittfan Says:

    No speed reading…I can read a book a day, takes a couple hours. These books are short, after all. It’s that or watch TV.

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