Hard to Find: CINDY aka The Sex Pros

hitt - Cindy

The U.K. Softcover Library edition, Cindy, is known as The Sex Pros in the U.S., a rare Softcover double with Mel Johnson’s Love Doll. Mel Johnson is Barry Malzberg.  That one is also near impossible to find, as are many Mel Johnsons, for  some unknown damn reason.

Leads on either is appreciated.

Hitt - Sex Pros

images courtesy of Jim Mix.

8 Responses to “Hard to Find: CINDY aka The Sex Pros”

  1. J. Wellington Thorpe Says:

    I have a copy that I got from the same guy I’ll be borrowing Panda Bear Passion from tomorrow. I traded himn an Ennis Willie book and he traded me The Sex Pros/Love Doll and Playpet. I haven’t read it yet, and since it was published in 1967 I wonder if it’s a reprint of an earlier Orrie. That doesn’t neccesarily mean anything; you know how those silly sleaze publishers can occasionally tell a little white lie or two.


  2. orriehittfan Says:

    I just ordered an Ennis Wllie, Warped Desire or something…tell me how Love Doll is…a carny story, I hear.

  3. J. Wellington Thorpe Says:

    Whoops, I just realized I left out a whole sentence.

    Between “…reprint of an earlier Orrie…” and “…That doesn’t necessarily…” should be the sentence: “The copyright page doesn’t say Sex Pros was published earlier, either under it’s current name or under a different title.”


  4. J. Wellington Thorpe Says:

    Warped Ambitions is an Ennis Willie book I don’t have. But my Ennis Willie bibliography says features “Sand”, a series character appearing in about ten books. I’ve read six of the Sand books and have liked them all. Please post a review if so inclined.

    Many Thanks,
    J. Wellington Thorpe

  5. J. Wellington Thorpe Says:

    The Ennis Willie list appears in Paperback Parade #65, February 2006. The biblio immediately follows an interview with Willie. I don’t think the issue is available on-line, but you’d have to check around to be sure. So I don’t have a link. You can still order the issue at Gary Lovisi’s site, or I can write the titles and dates and either post them here or email them to you. There are 20 novels and 3 or 4 short stores, so it wouldn’t be too big a chore for me.
    Let me know.


  6. orriehittfan Says:

    Thanks, I’ll get PP #65 from Gary. have you seen his HARDBOILED MAGAZINE? I frequently publish there.

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