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Inflamed Dames! (Novel Books, 1963)

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Another one of ol’ Orrie’s social-political novels disguised as genre sleaze. It’s original title was Easy Women and it was also reprinted as The Love Seekers and Jenkins Lovers, part of Novel Books sneaky way of putting “new” product on th market but not paying th writer for an original work. None of the four titles have anything to do with the plot.

The story is about Harry Sharp, big business man and small town mayor, but he was not always so hot. He was a regular guy who studied engineering in college because it seemed like he could land a half-way decent job, but he really loathed engineering.  He went to work for a big company where he knew he’d never advance far, until he started to date the boss’ daughter and marry her, and when the boss died and his wife inherited the company, he was advanced to President. Then he decided to run for mayor of the small upper NY state town they lived in, Bolton, and press his political agenda.

See, Harry does not believe in the welfare state. This must have been the time when cities provided relief money, not states or the federal gov.  Harry wants to cut off all relief from men who don’t work for it doing city jobs like picking up trash, and women who have children out of wedlock.  The taxpayers agree but the jobless and poor think h’s out to destroy them.

Enter Emily, a 22-year-old woman with two small kids, both from different fathers who pay no child support. She goes from job to job but needs welfare money to help with her kids, and since she is unmarried and has two different fathers for her kids, she is subject to not getting checks anymore. But Harry meets her on the commuter train and shows interest in her sexually — he and his wife are no longer intimate, he has a number of lovers and call girls, his wife has a lover now, so why not…but is Emily going to fuck him to keep her welfare checks coming, or is she interested in him, or does she want to trap the wealthy young mayor into having a third child and getting his money?

Not the best Hitt but interesting in its straying away from the typical sleaze novel fare, and like most of his Novel novels, contains passages of political dialogue about fiscal conservatism and social responsibility.