My Two Strangest Lovers by Kay Addams as told to Orrie Hitt (Novel Books, 1963)

A few months ago, I linked all my Kay Addams’ reviews and they were published as “The Curious Case of Kay Addams” in Paperback Parade #75.  I was missing two Addams books: Cherry and this one.

My Two Strangest Lovers is the fourth in the Kay Addams autobio series, as “told” to Orrie Hitt, and is the weakest of the four. Very little happens in this one.  Mostly, Kay sits down and writes a novel called Naked Honey based on her experiences as a camera club and bra model.  We get snippets of the 12 chapters, making this a novel-within-a-novel, fitting snice the first two have a post-modernist self-reflexive feel to them, with Orrie appearing as a character. Only mention of Orrie in this one is a note Kay sends to him with a copy of Naked Honey, that she thinks Orrie should write an autobiographical work (which he sort of did with Love in the Arctic).

People visit Kay and they banter about politics and the art of the novel.  She is surprised one day to find one of her strangest lovers as her new yard man, the guy who raped her as a teenager in book one and tried again in book two and was arrested. Now free, he cannot find any real work as an ex-convict.  But he winds up raping some other girl, or so Kay is told, and arrested again.

A pretty dull book.The back cover boasts that the first three books, all published in 1963 like this one, sold out in three weeks.

But but copy writers at Novel/Merit/Camerarts were known for hyperbole and plain out and out lies.

Not sure if Cherry is also about Kay Addams.  Would be interesting if a publisher reprinted all four of these in one volume; they are all short, about 30,000 words, so it wouldn’t be too big of a book.

Along with Cherry, I am still looking for Honey, Torrid Cheat, Eager Women!, Cabin Fever, and Panda Bear Passion to complete my Hitt collection.

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