Burlesque Girl – Beacon Books, 1958

Hitt was in prime mode from 1957-1960.  Like Carnival Girl, Sheba, Camus Doll and others, Hitt takes on the economic and social conditions of busty, leggy young women who use their bodies to make money.

Valerie is 20 and sings in a club.  The manger wants her to strip but she won’t; her boyfriend wants her to marry him but she won’t.  The money she makes goes to help with a sibling that needs medicine and special attention.

A guy from a burlesque shows offers her a job to just sing, $100 a week, no stripping.  She takes it and goes on the road, and eventually winds up in this guy’s bed.

Burlesque is a dying art and fewer people come unless there’s a lot of skin. At first Valerie wears tight dresses ready to bust, and gradually succumbs to stripping to bring in cash flow, because she has bills and needs and she has no skills for any other kind of work.

While this one is well-written, doesn’t feel as rushed as some Hitt books, it covers territory oft-tread in the Hitt Universe and the sleaze paperback world.  A decent read. On the Hitt Scale, a 7.2.

The cover, however, is classic!

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