Virgins No More (Beacon, 1961)

Here’s a publisher’s title that makes no sense — neither of the two heroines in this book, seen on the cover, start off as virgins.  Passion Scam or His Two Women might have been better titles.

The hero is yet another Sam Card — how many Sam Cards have there been in Hitt’s books?  How many more? Why that name?  It’s just Lucy.

No Lucy’s here.  There’s Rose and Jackie…

Sam lives with Rose.  He’s a regular joe schmoe factory worker who one day buys a local lottery ticket and wins: $10,000.  What will he do with his new found fortune? Rose wants to find a home to settle; Sam wants to buy a business and become his own boss.

Sam goes into business with Jackie, who with her older rolly-poly husband, owns a resort hotel and wants to sell.  Sam puts $5K  down and enters into a profit-sharing agreement to pay Jackie off. There are other ways to pay: he starts an affair with her.

Rose has a secret past. Her ex-boyfriend George shows up, needing money to pay his child support and keep the law off his back.  He threatens to tell Sam about her past as a crook and a hooker, so she borrows money from Sam and gives it to George.

But George sees green.  He gets a job at the hotel, helping Sam get the place ready for the rental season. Rose can’t do a thing. George enlits her to steal Sam’s other $5K, and maybe his take of the hotel.

Uusual Hitt set ups.  A 7 on the Scale.

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