Ex-Virgin (Beacon, 1958)

Hitt - Ex-Virgin 1958

Mary is, at 17, indeed a virgin, much to the dismay of her boyfriend, Sam, but by the end of the novel, thanks to Joe, Mary is an ex-virgin.

She works at the soda fountain, hardly ever wears a bra, so all the boys and men come get their ice cream floats to take a gander at her bouncing 38-inch chest.  This frustrates Sam — if she does thus, why won’t she put out, or marry him so he can take her maidenhead on the honeymoon?

We’re supposed to believe that Mary is oblivious to her own sexuality, and maybe she is.

Joe works at the gas station and moonlights as a pimp for Anna — he finds her men who pay $10-15 a lay, and he gets a cut.  This is a common nefarious characters in some Hitt books.  he has his eye on Mary — he could make a lot of money off her if he could turn her.

Joe also has a knack for knocking girls up — who knows how many babies he has out there?

After breaking up with Sam, and feeling blue, Mary goes for a swim at the lake and falls asleep. Joe has followed her, and he has some whiskey. He gets her drunk and has her.  She claims it’s rape; he says she was into it and wanted it…and she was so drunk, maybe she did.

So she’s an ex-virgin.

But it has a happy ending — Sam gets his and Joe comes back.

The end.

Not bad..

Not the best, but not bad.

A 7.5 on the Hitt Scale.

Softcover Library reprinted it as Made for Man in 1969.

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