Playpet – Vest-Pocket Book #102, 1962

The second of these little books is a far better tale than Carnival Sin. It’s a Madison Ave book about a woman in advertising, Mavis, who has climbed the corporate ladder by doing a lot of sleeping around.  She’s also a raging alcoholic — the story opens with her waking up hungover and a man she doesn’t remember meeting at a bar and bringing home is making breakfast.  She starts her morning off with vodka and orange juice.

There’s a great deal of detail about the ad business, mail order catalogues and such that we know Hitt is writing from knowledge and authority, so that gives the prose an extra kick.  Half way through, however, Hitt veers off and loses focuses on his story.

It’s too bad both of these little books weren’t excellent works like Hitt did for Beacon or Kozy — probably one reason why they didn’t fly as a profitable venture.

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