Carnival Honey – Kozy Book #143, 1961

Unfortunatewly, another disappointing Hitt — you get confused about what’s happening and why, and you don’t care for the characters.

The “honey” is young Anne Crawford, college student, whose father travels with a carny but doesn’t want her in the life.  When he has a heart attack, she joins up and becomes a striptease dancer in the girlie show.

She hooks up with carny hand Clint…

Is this the the same Clint and Anne who ran away from the carny life in The Cheaters?

It’s just not a good read, although over at Anna’s Blog, she liked it.

On the Hitt Scale, a 3.

One Response to “Carnival Honey – Kozy Book #143, 1961”

  1. […] like the exact plots of Carnival Honey and Carnival Girl..because all three books are the same story, but The Wheel of Passion is the […]

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