Currently Reading…Passion Street and Bed Crazy

Bed Crazy (also reprinted by Novel as Perverted Doctors) is a disappointment, being a hard-to-find Htt title that I paid Gary Lovisi $35 for. It’s a minor theme that I now add to the Hitt themes: the doctor yarn, along with A Doctor and His Mistress, Male Nurse, and Female Doctor.

All of Hitt’s doctor books comment on abortion, fertility, and the responsibility of procreation. In this and his others, abortion is immoral and babies can always be given up for adoption; and like the others, a young wealthy woman married to an older infertile man suggests the doctor impregnate her so there will be an heir to the old hubby’s fortune, and of course the doctor will get a cut plus get some sex.

But this one was just too damn slow and plodding and I coudld not get into it. Like Hitt’s other Novel titles, he is allowed free reign to pontificate on social problems and political matters, which is interesting but what place does it have in a “men’s adult” novel, and with that cover?

The model on the cover is some well-known model from the 1950s, I will have to look her up.

But on the Hitt Scale, this one only gets a 5.

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