Panda Bear Passion, Playpet, and Carnival Sin on eBay

Last week, these hard-to-find books were up on eBay for auction. Naturally, I bid on them…after $50, it was just me and someone else — if you’re that person and reading this blog, shout out.

If it wasn’t for me, you would’ve gotten these rather cheap –– Panda Bear Passion (PEC, 1968)went for $93 and Carnival Sin/Playpet went for $113.

The listed collector’s price for the Vest Pockets seems to be in the $700-800 range, which is crazy and dumb, so $113 is a steal…Panda seems to go for $100-200 out there.  I could have gotten it at Powell’s in Portland for $125 a few months ago, but couldn’t justify the price.

The question: why are these Hitts, and not others, so damn collectible and expensive?  Limited print runs?  The covers?

One reader here has told me they aren’t as good as some Hitts you can get for $8 on eBay or abebooks.

And why do these booksellers have such huge prices?  The books linger for years…in this economy, how can anyone justify the worth of an old book at those prices?  It’s stupid…I have now been offering half price to collectors for high priced books and the sellers agree — they’re happy to finally sell the damn things.

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