The Man With Four Arms and Two Heads

On the back cover of several of ol’ Orrie’s Kozy titles (The Naked Flesh, Peeping Tom) is a small bio bit about the author, which reads thus:

When a person asks Orrie Hitt how many books he’s written, the question is very likely to be answered with a shrug. Strangely, it’s a truthful answer because he simply doesn’t know.

“I’m no adding machine,” he says. “All I do is write.  I usually start at seven in the morning, take twenty minutes for lunch and continue until about four in the afternoon.”

As for the number of copies of his books that have been sold, there is no accurate count.  The count, however, would reach up into the millions.  Some of his readers first saw his books in Korea or Germany or other distant places.

Born forty-five years ago [pub date: 1962], he is the father of four children and married to a woman “who understands me.”  His writing career began in high school when he started selling to outdoor magazines — at the same time, much to the dismay or his teacher, nearly failing an English course.

He has been writing novels for over ten years, going to Iceland to write his first one.

“I had a family,” he says.  “I needed the money from the job to support them while I was gambling on a future.”

Of course, this wasn’t his only job.  He has worked as a club manager, served in the army, and, as he puts it, “sold almost everything from life insurance to roofing.”  Once we worked on a ship and another time managed a mail order firm.

Today, Orrie Hitt does nothing but write an d he says he wishes he had four arms and two heads.

“But that’s impossible,” he adds. “I’m just an average guy.”

We wonder if he is.

Like the man with four arms and two heads.

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