Nudist Camp (Beacon, 1957)

This one was rather disappointing and I could not even finish it. I had high hopes for it, too, being a 1957 Beacon.

The story concerns 22-year-old Della, orginally from Keflavik, Iceland, the same city Love in the Arctic is set.  She came to the U.S. to study in college and married Ricky, a man with money and land he inherited from his father.  But Ricky is a notorious womanizer, he’s gotten their maid pregnant, and she cannot stand having sex with him.  He divorces her, leaving a few ares of land and some money.

She rents the land out to a New Jersey-based nudist camp, much like the Kay Addams  book, with similar situations of a con.

The writing and action is dull, the characters flat and boring. This was not Hitt at his best — maybe he was writing about the subject at Beacon’s insistence, rather than writing about topics he preferred and loved — salesmen and their women, young girls modeing for pictures, peeping toms, etc.

Beacon re-cycled the cover from the early 50s Woodford/Thompson first version of Male Virgin — adding in a fishing pole —

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