My Wild Nights with Nine Nudists! by Kay Addams (Novel Books, 1963)

The third in the Kay Addams memoirs “as told to Orrie Hitt,” following The Autobiography of Kay Addams and My Secret Perversions.

The spine shows a different title: My Nudists Nights. Novel reprinted it in 1964 as Nocturnal Nudists.

Seems the guys at Novel liked the “as told to” format, with a woman speaking, to their male writers — a number of Con Seller titles are like that, and one by Jerry Goff, Autobiography of a Pervert!

It’s several years after we last left Kay when her young step-mother and her new husband had been plotting to murder her and her father and get the family money. That didn’t work.

Now, Kay’s father has passed and she has inherited a large amount of money, which she has been blowing, the house and the summer home with lots of acres.  A fast-talking real estate agent, Barney, also a casual lover, has talked her into selling the house and leasing the summer property to a brother and sister who want to open up a nudist resort/camp/reservation, and then take her money and invest in buying a small radio station in Port Sands.

Kay is 25 now, the scars from the lesbian lover who slashed her at the end of the first book are almost gone, and she still has her figure: 42-19-36.

Although she is allegedly “cured” from her lesbianism, she still secretly admires and desires women, like Ella, the girl at the radio station who moves in with Kay…

Kay has been unable to write since her father’s illness; the well is dry until she meets the nudist camp people, and Ella, all whom inspire her to start a new sleaze novel called Nudist Honey!

Hitt has written about the operations of small radio stations in Ladies’ Man, The Lion’s Den, Women’s Ward and Passion Hunters, drawing on his own experience selling ads and being a voice on radio; he has also written about nudists in Nudist Camp (next to be reviewed) and The Naked Flesh — so, no new territory here.

Seems Ella is also a nudist — and she likes to walk around naked in the apartment, which both drives Kay crazy with lust and inspires her next novel, since the nude honey is based on Ella.

The back cover sports an illustration of ol’ Orrie’s head:

but erroneously states that Orrie is “the top selling male writer since 1950.”  As we all know, Orrie did not publish his first book until 1953 and didn’ start to publish regularly with a found audience until 1958.  More Novel Books colorful hype? Such as this back cover copy:

MEN — After Kay Addams’ courageous triumph over lesbianism in her last two books, your letters have been demanding to know whether her heroic love offered to her was enough to crush her perverted desires.  Here, at last, is the shocking answer to your questions.  Even Orrie Hitt was stunned by this startling sequel.

Are there shocking and stunning elements to this book?  Not exactly, unless nudist camps were still strange and bizarre in the public eye in 1963 — and maybe they were, with a lot of misunderstanding in those post-beatnik pre-hippie era. One character explains:

“There is very little sex at a nudist camp, probably even less than at in average home. People do not go to a camp for that purpose […] All they seek is privacy and an opportunity to live as they please, to enjoy themselves outdoors.” (p. 31)

In Ritt’s biographical essay, he notes that Orrie, when writing Nudist Camp, did his research and went to one, but didn’t take his clothes off — this matter is mentioned in Warped Woman/Taboo Thrills/Wilma’s Wants. The nudist camp was a minor popular theme in sleazecore novels, as I have seen a number of titles suggesting it, like Don Elliott’s Naked Holiday.

I noted in the first book that Hitt used Kay Addams’ feelings about writing to mirror her own; he does this again here, as Kay explains a grand idea of an American novel, beyond paperback sleaze:

People bitch about their luck too much. Most of us make our own luck […] When the day comes that I can feel the story, I’m going to write a novel about our present society.  Not a novel dealing with lesbians or male lovers or exotic backgrounds that so many people demand. It’s going to be a novel that digs into the river of ignorance and lack of concern.  Millions claim they have rights, but honestly, each day aren’t those rights being taken away ‘in the public interest’? They’re paying farmers not to farm, and paying them more if what they plant doesn’t turn out as it should. It’s taxing one man to death so aother can live without working. It’s taxing a man for what he makes while building an estate and then taxing the estate again because he died. (p. 102)

Did Hitt ever write such a book?  It might be in Amercan Sodom (1963), another Novel title I have not seen or read nor can find. This is an example of the political asides Novel allowed Hitt to pontificate on, which we’d never find in a Beacon or Midwood Hitt (he seems to get away with it a bit in his Chariot and Kozy titles).

Kay thinks that by living with Ella, she can gradually end the nowhere relationship with Barney — but they both betray her by starting up their own fling behind her back, as Ella plays on the latent lesbian inside Kay.

Many people think that a girl and girl relationship is arrived at quickly. This may be true in the larger cities, girl lovers on the prowl, drinking in bars that cater only to their kind, but it’s more complicated in a fairly small place. (p. 114)

But it happens between them anyway…

…my whole body [was] a volcano of twilight lust, all her ripe loveliness anxiously awaiting to be possessed.

Within seconds I was also completely naked and leading her into the bedroom.  She kept saying that she never had, that maybe we would hate each other later. I took her down onto the bed with me, assuring her between kisses that she wouldn’t regret this afternoon, that from the beauty of a female came the beauty of love and that out of love erupted the wonders of life.

But I lied to her and myself. (p. 124)

Barney has been playing her all along — she should have known this when he slipped her a Spanish Fly in her drink and took her to bed. It seems that he talked her into bad investment deals with the radio station and the nudist camp, for his own benefit. The nudist brother and sister team are not brother and sister; she’s a pro hooker and he’s basically a pimp, and the ruse of the camp is to lure rich businessmen up, with a camp filled with single naked girls, had for a price.  As far as anyone knows, this is not an outdoors brothel. Barney has been in on it, and taking a cut: “If men didn’t pay for their pleasures there wouldn’t be as many whores” (p. 140).  Photos would be taken. The idea is to run the camp for a while, get rid of it, and then blackmail the rich men with the pictures, cashing in on sin and vice.

Kay feels dumb — as she had in the second book, she has been easily fooled and hood-winked.

It ends on a quick and courious note, making it an odd little novel like the first two. On the Hitt Scale, a 7.5.

As for the next two Kay Addams’ Novel titles, Cherry and My Two Strangest Lovers/Beyond Love, I still have to find them.

4 Responses to “My Wild Nights with Nine Nudists! by Kay Addams (Novel Books, 1963)”

  1. hey this is a real nice post and i also like your blogs’ layout too, have bookmarked your site and will be looking for more updates.

  2. Love the site. Hey, do you happen to know how to get ahold of the Orrie Hitt estate?


    • orriehittfan Says:

      Don — There is no estate, per se; his two daughters are still around but they don’t handle any rights. All his publishers are long gone and many did not register the books with the Lib of Congress, let alone the US Copyright Office. What are you seeking?

  3. […] Hitt wasn’t the only soft/sleazecore writer taking on the nudist camp as a setting.  This Elliott was Robert Silverberg’s fifth title for Hamling’s Nightstand, the first […]

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