Naked Model (Chariot, 1962)

Hitt - Naked Model 2

Hitt - Naked Model Back COver

Sherry Clune is 19 with a 40 inch bust and has no idea what her body does to men, she’s just disgusted that all day long, left and right, men make lewd remarks to her and try to get her in to backrooms for sex, like her short, fat, bald slimy boss at the drug store she’s a clerk at, in small Ballamy, NY.

She and her boyfriend, Bill, left Foster Valley and the bakwoods poverty of the town, hoping for a better life.  When she met Bill a yera ago, he had a good job as a delivery driver, but a union formed and he couldn’t join, or didn’t have the money for dues. Now all he does is lay around in their rented room, drinking beer, while she works her sweet ass off for $40 a week.  He kkeeps saying he’ll go out and look for work but he never does. He’s a deadbeat, but for the life of her, she loves Bill.

B ill suggests she try modeling but she has no interest, despite the money.  She has “heard” most those models are really hookers.  Bill submits her photo to the agency, seeing a time when she will make $50 a day, and he can lounge around and drink and not worry about working.

Her boss at the drug store has been pressuring her for sex and she keeps telling him off.  Some of the girls fuck him because they need to keep their jobs.  This was a time before sexual harrassement and blackmail in the workplace was prosecuted, obviously.  Her loss of virginity was not pleasant at 17 — at a grocery store in Foster Valley, her paychck bounced and her mother had run up a credit bill; in order not to be cut off or even arested, she agreed to let the grocery store owner bend her over and stick it in — when she bled and he realized she was a virgin, and 17, he got scraed and gave her a job.  She stayed there until she met Bill and the two left the little nowhere town…

To wear her down, the drug store boss puts her behind a grease grill all day, then changes her shift so she closes shop and is alone with him.  He tries to rape her in the dressing room but, being a girl from the mean streets of a small town, she knows how to defend herself so she kicks the fat old guy in the balls and he falls down in pain…

There goes that job, and with Bill refusing to work, she turns to the modeling agency…

Sherry signed the form.  What else could she do?  Walk the streets and beg for quarters?   Bill and the man at the grocer had seen her so what did she have to be modest about?  It was only her surface flesh and her true feelings didn’t have to go with whatever she did.  The camera would focus on her and capture her beauty, and she’d return to the room with money.  In a sense, she was doing this more for the kids at home and Bill than she was for herself. There were other jobs besides the drug store and any of them paid at least forty dollars a week., Trouble was it wasn’t enough.  She felt as though she was in a  vice and somebody was twisting the handle, bringing the cruel  jaws closer and closer together. (pp. 32-33)

So, she not only has to fend for Bill and herself, with a $10/week room, but send money home because her four siblings would starve and her 40-year-old alcoholic whore mother was always drunk and five months pregnant with her sixth child, who knows who the father is.

Hitt’s books are populated by desperate people who need money, always money, not even a lot, money they spend on rent and booze and little else, living day to day. Some, like Bill, give up on life, use women to care for them; some, like Sherry, without a high school education, have little prospects except factory and food service work; and if they have attractive young bodies, they sell themselves as call girls, hookers, or models.

But Sherry has morals, despite her desperation.  She doesn’t want any of the prostitution jobs from the agecy, or the bra and panty model stuff that requires her to “be nice” to the buyers.  She is set to Pete, a local photograopher who sells semi-nude and nude photos to a variety of men’s magazines, big and small.  She can do this @ $50/day.

But Bill cheats on her, she walks in on him with another gal in the room — here she is supporting him and he two-times her.  She leaves him, and eventually shacks up with Pete, similar to another Cherry in Hitt’s Sin Doll, reviewed a while back.  Pete sends his kids to live with his sister and his boozer wife hooks up with Bill, both of them getting drunken revenge on Pete and Sherry.

Pete thinks he can make her a star, or at least a lot of money,  especially with upper tier Sensation Magazine.  But when Sherry refuses to sleep with the art director, he tears up the $750 check for the photos and there goes that opportunity.  She refuses to sleep with the town millionaire too — or strip for him.  She feels like Pete is pimping her out for a buck, the way Bill pimped her to the modeling agency.

And that’s Pete’s plan — pimp her out to rich men, take photos of the compromise and blackmail them…

Hitt - Naked Model Interor 2

The book is packaged a bit tawdry, with art on the cover and “illustrated” inside with photo models…

Hitt - Naked Model Interor 3

Hitt - Naked Model Interior

The cover blurb makes so sense: “She posed in hotel rooms with strange men to please her husband.” Sherry has no husband nor does she pose in hotel rooms…makes me wonder if Chariot came up with the cover first and then asked Hitt to write a story and maybe Hitt ignored the blurb…

Naked Model is also short, 128 pages, about 40,000 words instead of Hitt’s usual 50-60K words.  There are a couple of other short Chariots — Passion Hostess and Passion Street…Chariot must have been trying out shorter books on the market.  Hitt also write 128 pagers for Novel and Domino, but normally his books always clock in at 158-160 pages (50K words) or 190-190 pages (60K words), except for his early Beacons that clocked in at 80K words.

Hitt was a commercial craftsman.  It takes a certin plotting skill to keep books a consistent length.

The girl caught up in the nude photo racket is a pet theme for Hitt – it’s part of I’ll Call Every Monday, a big part of The Promoter, and the main theme of books like Campus Tramp, Torrid Wench, Party Doll, Mail Order Sex, Ex-Virgin, and many others…

The girl often gets double-crossed and finds herself in a bad situation, which makes Cahriot’s use of actal models kind of strange and ironic.  Still, one cannot help wonder, when looking at old vintage cheesecake photos, waht led these women into doing this, and did they feel bad after?


cheescake blondeblonde on couch


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