Hitting the Right Quote

Hitt - Torrid Wench 2“I like women. I like the things they do for me. What I don’t like is when they want me to keep on doing it, after I’m through with them. Like Linda who thought she owned me because she was going to have a baby. My baby. Like Sandy. Who told me I had been the first and expected me to love her because she loved me. Like Alice. Who wanted me to stay away from all other women. Because she was my wife.” —As Bad As They Come (1959)

“When you try to forget a woman you turn to booze or another woman. My choice that night was both.” —Affair with Lucy (1959)

“She looked up and smiled with $10 a night eyes.” —Two of a Kind (1960)

“The next day was the same as almost any other.” — Beautiful Tramp (1972) aka Lucy (1961).

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