A Doctor and His Mistress (Midwood #38, 1960)

Hitt - Dr and his Mistress

Something a tad different from ol’ Orrest — a subtle tale of doctorin’ and lovin’. Oh, some of the usual Hitt elements are here — the bad marriage, the affairs, the insurance grab if the wife dies.

Dr. Sam Pritchard is a successful small town general practitioner who is not exactly all that ethical — he sleeps with female patients when he can. In fact, one married woman whose husband can’t seem to knock her up is seeing Sam three times a week in order for him to inseminate her not by tube but by penis.

He’s married to Ruth and it’s a horrble marriage and he’s not sure why he did it. Ruth lounges around the house all day and has lesbian sex with their hot $200/month live-in maid. Sam has no idea of this, and that Ruth has slept with their other maids. She also has sex with gardeners, lawn boys, pool boys…Sam could care less what she does, as he he sleeps with a variety of women, none whom he cares for, until he meets and hires Sally.

The chapter of Ruth’s past reads like a collection of victimized Hitt women from his other books: sprouts a body at 15, is raped by father’s business partner at 16 and forced to keep up the affair, and then gets pregnant; gets abortion and is disowned by parents; moves to New York and starts to dance and hook; hates men and finds love in the arms of women; marries rich doctor for a better life…

Sally is young busty farm gal in a hopeless marriage. She leaves her hubby and seeks work, answering Sam’s ad for a receptionist. He hires her immediately because he’s drawn to her and wants her. Within a few weeks they are having an affair and a month later he moves her from the rooming house to a $150/month nice apartment.

Their plan: Sally will divorce her husband and Sam will divorce Ruth…but Ruth won’t agree to a divorce, so Sam plots how to kill her, to rid her and collect the $150,000 life insurance, double indemnity if it’s an accident. He’s less interested in the cash and more interested in being free so he can marry Sally…

But something dark in Sally comes out…her inner whore, the excitement of meeting men in bars and having them pay for sex…

…and Sam finds out his wife is bi-sexual…

All in all, a good and subtle book but not Hitt’s best, and not on par with his other Midwoods. But it’s a good companion to his lesbian novel, Female Doctor…

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