Man’s Nurse (Chariot, 1961)

Hitt - Man's NurseHitt - man's nurse 2

This one starts off in a way that you’d think Nympho Nurse would be a better title — Honey Clay (yes, that’s her name) wakes up naked in bed next to a big muscular naked man, post-coitus.  Honey has a size 42 bust, bigger than Orrie Hitt’s usual 38-40.  There are no B cup and flat chested heroines in the Hitt universe, and those who are, well, they tend to be pathetic, homely, or lesbian.  That is Hitt’s curse to any woman who is not endowed with ample bosom.

The man is Josh, her ex-boyfriend who took her virginity down by the creek when she was 17.  She’s from a poor farming community, a backwoods girl with a voluptous body who went off to nurisng school. She is about to join a hospital 40 miles away and has come home to see her parents — her alcoholic father, age 62, and her her tired mother, age 40.  Then she runs into Josh…

Josh wants her to stay and marry him but her career as a nurse comes first…

At the hospital, she becomes entagled with young Dr. Frank, a promising doctor, handsome, who had bedded every nurse there, is subserviant to a young rich widow who has given money to the hospital, and owes his sexually depraved brother, Sam, for putting him through med school with crime money.

Honey can’t help herself — she dates and beds Dr. Frank, he’s too enticing and she’s a but of a tramp, running away from sexual scanda at another hospital.  But there are those who do not want Nurse Honey and Dr. Frank to be lovers:

Head Nurse Watkins — closing in on 40, she has designs on Dr. Frank for appearance, social, and politucal purposes and plans to blackmail him into marrying her  She is actually a lesbian and makes her intentions known to Honey — she sexually blackmails Honey, or tries to, but Honey refuses to go down on a woman…

The rich widow — she wants the good doctor for herself.

Sam, his brother — Dr. Frank keeps Sam locked up in the house because he has a peeping tom urge — again, the peeper, but a sub-plot here; Sam has graduated to wanting violence with his sex, which is usually rape.

This is a surprising book, because when it seems to be a trahsy nurse sex novel, Hitt sneaks in some social commentray on the rich vs the poor, how the rich use money to manipulate people, and the decay of th American farmer.  There’s also some detailed medical politics going om, with an inside-look at how small hospitals are really run…

All comes to a tragic close, as Dr. Frank prepares to do an unauthorized lobotomy on his brother, to “cure” him of his sexual urges; he enlists Honey’s help and things backfire, as expected…

There’s also a good deal of violence as Honey fends herself from three rapes or forced sex — from her ex-boyfriend, from Sam, and from Nurse Watkins.  She bests them all up as she’s a big girl who worked on a farm and has farm strength.  Honey’s physical attributes causes her to be a sexual object wherever she goes — from men on the bus, in a bar, or on the street, she never has a moment’s peace without someone coming on to her…and she takes it all in stride…

On the scale of 1-10 for Hitt books, I’d give this one a 7.5 and recommend it for a good read.

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