Hitt Girls

Hitt - Girl of the Street

Hitt - Girls Dorm 2

Hitt - Hotel Girl

Hitt - Wayward Girl

Hitt - Burlesque Girl

One Response to “Hitt Girls”

  1. J. Welligton Thorpe Says:

    What is it about Orrie?

    First there was Jerry, the pusher. “Only one,” Jerry told me. “Just try one. Trust me, you’ll like it. And if you don’t, just throw it away. You can always take it and then leave it alone…You can always take it and leave it alone…You can always take it and leave it alone…”

    Those words haunt me now, as day after day, night after night, I prowl the dark, damp, dank used bookstores, my knees feeling the shock of the cold, hard cement floor, as I reach back into the deepest recesses of the shelves, clumps (not “motes”) of dust stirring into motion, threatening to ensnare me like a spider’s web, only to come up…empty handed. And my hellish sojourn down the Boulevard of Broken Books resumes.

    Then there was Ralph, another victim of Jerry’s and, yes, by God, maybe I contributed a little bit, too. Poor, innocent, naive Ralph, who walked into Jerry’s store one day, went to the “sleaze” paperback
    section–browsing, perusing–and then finally asking the question that was the beginning of the end for all Orrie addicts: “Hey, are any of these writers any good?”

    Jerry, hunched over, a gleam in his eye, casually pretending to count up the daily receipts: “Well, now that you mention it…”

    And Ralph was hooked.

    Ralph couldn’t get enough. He kept buying, buying, buying. He spent dollar after dollar, sawbuck after sawbuck, until he had bought every Orrie book listed in the Books Are Everything bibliography! And now Ralph, poor Ralph, sits on the floor, disheveled, Orrie books strewn around him, spittle dribbling down his chin, as he rabidly reads a page from one book, then throws it aside and reads a page from another, then another, and another, and another…And somehow, it’s just never enough.

    Vintage Sleazemeister, stop before you buy again. Take my words of woe as a cautionary tale and DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

    The Less-Than-Indomitable J. Wellington Thorpe

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