Bunch o’ Books

A bunch of Hitt titles came in the mail yesterday, ensuring me a Hitt-esque rest of the year (and more coming)…

Male Lover (Gaslight Books)

Lucy (as Kay Addams, Beacon)

Three Strange Women (as Kay Addams, Becon)

Party Doll (Chariot)

The Widow (Beacon)

The Lion’s Den (as Roger Normandie, Key Pub.)

Frustrated Women (Novel)

Violent Sinners (Kozy)

Peeping Tom (Wisdom House)

Teaser (Woodford Press)

Gang-Up (Softcover)

This Wild Desire (Domino)

Shocking Mistress! (Novel)

Easy Women! (Novel)

Made for Man (UK edition, Softcover)

Loose Women (Domino)

Violent Sinners (Kozy)

Carnival Honey (Kozy)

Summer of Sin (Beacon)

hitt - summer of sin

Hitt - Peeping Tom

Hitt - Male Lover

Hitt - Shocking Mistress

hitt - Carnival honey 2

Hitt - Carnival Honeu

Three Strange Women

Nomandie - Lion's Den

2 Responses to “Bunch o’ Books”

  1. J. Welligton Thorpe Says:

    O, Lucky Man! The gods have smiled upon you today. Such a bursting bundle of riches. What young men, in their gilded youth, have not dreamed, both night and day, for a PARTY GIRL. And what old men, having spent their youth on party girls, have not looked to the heavens for divine guidance in how best to make their decaying wives a WIDOW. And which nomads among us have not wandered from kootch show to kootch show, standing and staring and stifling the urge to carry a CARNIVAL GIRL off into the night. And who among us, even if only for a moment, have not been caught with a wandering eye and thought of as a PEEPING TOM; let THAT man throw the first stone. Amd finally, most simply and supremely, don’t we all, whether female or sometimes male, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral, yearn for the strenght and security of a MALE LOVER?

    Vintage Sleazemeister, today you are truly a blessed man.

    Yours truly,
    The Indomitable J. Wellington Thorpe, esq.

  2. J. Welligton Thorpe Says:

    Contrary to my post yesterday, I believe I shall keep the J.W. Thorpe nom de plume, and will phrase my comments according to the way I believe that fine gentleman would.

    Yesterday, Today, and Forever,

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