Carnival Sin and Playpet

Hitt - carnival sin

These are expensive and rare Hitt books, publihsed in small trimmed book size that had slipcaes, as seen above.

Vesta-Pocket experimented with this format but it didn’t seem to take with the book buying sleaze customer base.

Like Panda Bear Passion, much sought-after items for hardcore Hitt slits.

3 Responses to “Carnival Sin and Playpet”

  1. J. Wellington Thorpe Says:


    I have a copy of Playpet (without the box and other title), and unfortunately, it sucks. None of Orrie’s bite. Bland prose. Unengaging characters, etc., etc.
    I don’t think Orrie was at his best when writing about characters in the upper financial brackets. Playpet’s characters are Madison Avenue types.


    • orriehittfan Says:

      Yeah I’m reading TELL THEM ANYTHING, a Mad Ad novel, and it doesn’t have the bite of his down and out blue collar work.

  2. J. Wellington Thorpe Says:

    Ha, funny you should mention TELL THEM ANYTHING, that’s one of the few Orrie’s that was so boring I couldn’t finish it. I would compare it exactly to PLAYPET.

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